On mind creation: Mind Theory and Reprogramming to reach Richness and Success.

Mind Theory on creation of Richness and Success.

On mind creation.

Please note that this content are intended to be applied by everyone who is able to perform e implement following these specific data that counteract and are on the opposite side of the mainstram content obidience to the system of this world.

There are at least two world you can think about: the world of mind creation and the world of world circumstances that influences mind creation. Who is in domion of this world we all live in? Who is in command of every choice we take, of every single step we take from the birth to our death? Who is in control of our lifes? Are we? Or better other are? Who is the origin of the power that you perform in a different way? Who is in command of your choices, of every step and breath you take?

First answer can be: I’m on automatic pilot and this automatic pilot was set to be true as I was born on earth and take my first steps in this world.

Second answer could be: I’m the dominator of my reality and I grab circumstances from my inner reality that is the origin of all I want and desire. This world reflect and literally respect what I am and follow my rule.

There are no rule.

There are no rule.

The world follow my rule!

This is the end of the second choice.

But it does not seem to happen for everyone this way. In fact the most common option to take is only e forever the first one. We are born and educated by the system to live in the system to follow the rules of the system that pre-exist to us. The new babyborn is like someone that has to learn and implement what other has established witout knowing that the primary force of life reside in him and not in this world. We are the commond originator of every life force that exist. Nobody can create a man and nobody can subsitus the energy that is created from and by a man. So, what is for the derivative power that we pretend to be outside of us? We are the origin of it all, shy we gave up what is the origin and the sovereignity of this power? Who is the originator of this dream, that is like a bubble we enter in when we grow up, loosing the power that we have and implement like baby. Who is the chief commander that robbed from us this power convincing us by manipulating our system of beliefs that we are only mortal human without any change to live without the help of others generating a commond dependencies that delete our human freedom and volontà? Who is hacking this world to dominate grace to the ignorance of this so immense power that reside in ourselves?

The answer is only one: You are limititing yourself considering that no one can annul your thouth without your consent and your bad ingenuity and naive.

You were so ingenous to loos weight on the pyramid of power agreeing to give your power and sovereignity to other deities (gods) that reside withis yourself only as status simbol of an humble soul that is searching to learn from the archetypes of concept that represent human race. Human race is the only god you have to adhor and you should not give power to any other derivative deities (goddies) that you found on every others scriptures.

The world rifused to give you answers. The world said to your curiosness and volounty of understandind. They, the priests, did not share their accumulated freedom with others. The saints remained in a different path without sharing the basic truth of human life: that is that the man is the only and forever would be the ethernal creator of this earth!

Don’t look outside, look inside. You are creator, Sir! You are the creator! You!


And this is the only truth that you can find in yourself.

Nobody can give you parents, a wife or children. These are only symbols, archetypical concepts that represents the only secrets of the human race. Everything is an hologram and you perform following an hologram replicating the world that is inside yourself, replicating life from your life, in imagening everything before you can try and act in the outside world.

This is the first lesson of success e money theory.

Perform the same way as the other staff you are channeling from your inner consciousness that has elaborated this material from years and years of misunderstanding of the true path of knowledge that is from the inside out.

Remember who you are, said great David Icke. As this is all the true that you need to perform in outer reality and become what onother general of knowledge commanded in you inside reality when reprogramming your subconscious mind. Jim Rhon said: Make each day your masterpiece. Just do the best you can every day—nobody can do more.

This is the way you can perform on outer reality, following your heart rule, from the inside out. All become a Masterpiece if the inner world start to communicating with you from the inside out. Give the power and your attention, with firm volontary progress and power of choice, to your inside aspects. Give light to the obscure part of yourself that are speaking now like ever and that can catapult you to other realms of wellbeings, presence and success.

So hope! Enjoy your path of becoming your masterpiece in eart as it is on heaven! The image following reality is the only limiting belief that condemn you to a life of poverty and stenti.

Thank you very much for your understanding. See you next time.

Abracadabra followd the script of literature of the high realm of the counterfeit beliefs.

Religion is your next trip. Do it now.