Mind Understanding 1


At the root, to avoid misunderstanding and depletion of the inner resources of the heart made world of the inner consciousness.

The creation activity of the mind mapping reality.

The Follower’s Path in Understanding:

  1. Understanding the Mind
  2. Understanding the Body
  3. Understanding the Mechanic of the Mind
  4. Understanding the Mechanic of the Body

Ends of the First part.

What does it mean to feel depressed and how to get out of it.

Feeling depressed is a mood characteristic, a mood phase, a mood state. It is said that feeling depressed is an illness but it is not! The reasons why someone in a particular moment of his/her life can feel depression as a mood state can be many: you can start to feel depressed because you have lost a job, a career, an opportunity, you broke up with your partner or told something bad to someone. Maybe you have got a bad news or are feeling too much stressed in this period. The reasons can be many but, under any circumstance of life, a real depression, a major one as it is called, has its basis under a malfunction in communicating with your great Soul. This is not a religion or spiritual belief in the meaning that is commonly used in this world. Religion and spiritual stuff does not have nothing to do with your beliefs in an architecture under which it is built all the system you live in. You cannot have a religion belief but only a scientific understanding of this matter following not the personal physical point of view of a normal scientist but your inner consciousness will guide you through in discovering what it is real and what it is not into believing the architecture of the Universe.

Shifting in mood can be a disaster if you are programmed to react in this world as they taught you to do. Furthermore you feel depressed when someone cause you a crash, a disaster into the meaning of your consciosness. So that you believe in something that someone has told you to believe but it is not true.

What I told you by now is into the emerging of stuff from your real consciousness that unfold the way other has told you to do things. Not so much in the meaning of an atmosphere that cannot be  overwhelmingly disturbed by someone else.

What is a belief?

A belief is a strong belief of the inner consciousness. Is a strong interference into the body that grab the infinite circumstances and transform it into the physical reality. Into physical matter.

You feel depressed when there is a misalignment between your inner consciousness beliefs and what is about they told you to do. When someone or something interfer of your automatic learning process and perform or install a different path into your inner consciousness something happens into your understanding of reality and you start to think differently.

For example, my belief of a different race that dominates the destinies of the world is a strong belief that is eradicated into our consciousness and substituted with that one that only a religion can teach about (a thought that eradicates/substitutes a different thought): Jesus Christ instead of a Demon took place into you inner consciousness and become your great God into which you repose your trust, your whole desire and your prayer.

But this is not what it was intended to do with religious matter. Religion is only an instrument by the use of which one can be taught at school so that people can understand certain aspects of their reality without touching delicate aspects that are proper of the inner consciousness.

You are believing something not because something has told you to do so but because someone has guided you into believing something.

“My heart pulsed so it is all true.”

Are you able to listen and believing what your heart is teaching you again? My understanding of reality is what they call the language of the heart. Not the language of the world and its teachers. But deep inside we have a deep hidden teachers that teaches us what to say, what to learn, where to go, how to understand things, and how to attribute a meaning to something into a meaning given by the conscience.

The deep character of the consciousness is the one they teach you at school that are not intended to be the real path. You have inside yourself a deep path. You have to follow your interior path and you have to follow that path, not the one that other people has taugth you to do. This is the strategic alliance between your mind and your consciousness (which is not into your mind!)

Follow your Art. Follow your heart.

This is the main reason why people fail: thay follow the path that other people have told them to do and undertake. Not so that was intended it to be. The consciousness that speaks is the consciousness of your entire existence that grabbed all the content that can be found to explain the deep meaning of your self and of your inner consciousness.

Higher Consciousness¹ revealing…


Please note that this one are experimental contents of a course in thinking. Do not touch any content and publish it that way, the same way. The meaning will become clear as soon as you understand your mind reality and the method by which this world and all the understanding and the attribution of significance are established.

Made by the inside out by myself. Redfin

You are following a path through existences. Amleto

The mind creation aspects cannot be explained in just one lesson. Please follow the path and read all the contents in the order in which they are intended to be read.

¹the one that does not have boundaries, doesn’t have to judge everything, know that mind creation are per steps and it doesn’t matter that you don’t see the whole result or the full meaning when publishing a content. The Higher Consciousness rule are:

  • no judgement
  • no rule at all in mind creation
  • is the real observer of the mind creation activity but it does not judge or makes any critics


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