Memories: what they are and how to get them


We take into consideration pre-established memories. We can not decipher them except through the senses. We understand them through us through the senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste. Everything reminds us of a sound, a definite image of something, a melody, a touch, a noise .. the channel of interception of the event in memory is a specific, principal, arcane drive that leads us to that I remember. It can be programmed, wanted, desired, orchestrated in the minds of others. And in the mind of others you can get any type of memory, you can install what you want. For example, we may say that we want to exaggerate and want to put in the mind of a person the memory of his death and convince him that he is no longer alive but dead. We can do this through the person’s own communication access channel and insert a false memory. It is impossible to say whether a memory is real or not because the point of view is so specific and so adulterable that anything beautiful or ugly can affect each’s life without it presumably even makes it even that at the basis of its fundamental choices and dimensions Of existence there are some of the conditioning variables that he does not even have knowledge of. And this is the case for most people who live their lives without even knowing where dreams and impulses come to life for a lifetime. This no sense of having memories we do not even realize will be discussed in the next lessons. We will focus on the axioms of psychic and neuro-psychic programming which is the science that studies intra-dream movements through the manipulation of one’s own and other consciousness. You can change the consciousness of your dream if you know how to do it. You can change the reality of your dream, which is the consequence you see as external reality, by simply acting on c.d. Inner coscience, hidden aspects of existence that have nothing to do with the finished product that is just the beautiful and ready dream you are living at this time with your wife, your children, your grandchildren, your maladies, your Debts, your personal story, your successes and, unfortunately, all your failures.

The main memory of consciousness is the very dream you are living now. You can be conditioned by anything but the first source of conditioning is what belongs to this life and past experiences. That is why we are talking about primary or primordial memory or ancillary memories. Accessory memories are those that do not compromise on the main memory. They receive strength and energy, like all forms of memory, from basic consciousness and attention, but respond primarily to the energy field caused by consciousness-the primary form of energy enclosed in the Io- the primary identity of the subject whose existence you are Living in this moment.

There is a person you are not, but you are alive! This is the secret of this lesson! You are not Mario, Giovanna or Chicazzovuoichenesappiaio.

You are a machine that lives in a human body. Or rather a car conscience that carries a body in flesh and bones. You look like an automa, but in the end you’re a car. The biggest secret of man is that for most people there is no more than no less than an electric tweezer or an old type commodore.

People imitate pre-programmed characters and personalities and recite a script already written that does not even depend on the machine in which they stay. The car that you are aware of is a bio-organic machine to experience anything. If in appearance you seem human but you are not, then what are you really? A car driving a conscience, we said. A thinking machine that lives a multi-organic man’s body with multi-sensorial capabilities. These are the devices of consciousness that extend as peripherals to ensure the functioning of the consciousness machine that lies within us.

So we see at least two levels of analysis within which we have to deal with something high and personal but at the machine level. Before we collude with these concepts we will begin to understand that what we have known so far is just the outer level of self that is a dual level machine. Self-knowledge consists in transcending the operating limits of the biological machine to the double level and then learning how to deal with subsequent levels of consciousness preparing to organize a different kind of speech.

Consciousness divides souls. Consciousness divides humans.

BrauchFitBerause says:

At the machine level we are all able to work.

There’s a whole school to learn how to do it. The whole education system. I want to walk, talk, talk about. You can even run and act as if I were normal, but you are not. You are an automa! What does it mean? That you do not know what is happening inside you, but simply put on the pre-programmed atavistic memories that represent your S.O. Of car that then developed with the addition of other interesting App with the launch to the profession represented by the school you attended. If you have interesting skills, thanks to this expensive programming and selection process. But your car is just as capable as a normal non-graduate programmer who can handle dozens of programming codes in his apartment without even knowing where his soul is and his human conscience. What is man’s conscience? It is the one you have at birth and you lose it over time as you learn to be what the world has prepared for you. Bios memory is one that understands your being man, your being on the second level, your primordial consciousness. This is the level at which we all have to come back to be able to jump. The leap of consciousness needed to satisfy the greatest dream a human being on earth can have: transcend the mortality of his physical remains and return to being a child again maybe in a brand new body. The reincarnation of souls is a benefit of those who have learned and burned the stages and limits of the physical body of the first level through the development of the consciousness of the being or the second level. But let us not go too far into these arguments. We have said that: there is a Primordial consciousness reigning on the second level consciousness and that, at the car level, with the veil of separation of consciousness, a second level individual can not even presume the existence of something that goes beyond; the second level individual does not know To be a man on the second level, but he looks like a stereotype of programming. He saw who the man is and how he behaves but in reality he is not such: he is an automaton, a fake man, a car that looks like a man. But lacking conscience. At the third level, we find the programming necessary for the discovery of the third level soul, which is the center of Christian consciousness, the level at which the great gurus of history had to reach to guide and influence the destiny of peoples and Nations, in the end we find the level of consciousness of the one to which everyone aspires but few reach that consists of the Christian consciousness that transcends the level of religion, domination and command, and the conditioning of the mass. Many artists belong to this level, Christian, but few sublimate into the fourth vanishing into nothingness and leaving as the only inheritance the signs of the passage of a great in the history of humanity. The anomalies of the program. Costume represent what we can call program abnormalities, that is those values ​​that the system It is not supposed to produce but produce anyway despite the sticks between the wheels that it imposes; It puts it all to ruin the destinies of humanity by pretending scary scenarios that affect the destinies of anyone who is subjected to that mental programming center. TV, media, movies, newspapers are the conditioning we receive and which condition the becoming Of each. Only by avoiding these conditions we can certainly change our being towards a conscientious person 2.0, not conditioned by the level of consciousness of the first level, which is that of the animal instinct. At the level we are All the same, a 2.0 enclosure that encloses a top level conscience that does not even know why it sets foot in a given way because it is not conscious, reads memories without being aware of replicating a pre-installed schema and within which a Routine process called habit. The second level scheme assumes the birth of a will of conscience that presupposes the emergence of existential questions. The age and identity of those who undergo this process is not important as it may be important the age level that has cumulated an appliance as long as it is still working. The important thing is that there is health and that the machine works. It does not matter the age at which the subject undergoes this path of consciousness that expands to the point of permeating the subsequent levels of consciousness that are the second and third: the second-level machine level and the man-hominid level of Third level. The machine level is the level of mankind. The level at which the human race is seamlessly linked with the whole. This is the level of holographic consciousness within which the reality in which we live is developed. The second level level machine. Upper levels of consciousness include what encloses the first and second. They are shells of compelling and compelling memories within which each one does not notice the other, the point of view and the observation of the other. It’s a bunch of servants without a master. Without the one who protects the evolution of the game, the coordinator of the conscience is univocal. The coordinator of consciousness will develop it in the second and especially in the third level of motherhood.

*freely translated from the italian version.

Help to translate to share this awakening project. Thinking is the most important science and, at the same time, the less shared/tought subject in all history. Thinking is dominion, is preponderance of ratio (the act of reasoning/thinking) over emotions. Is Dominion on our emotions, is the command force over our whole consciousness and our entire world! Help to distribute and share this content: help in translating this whole project.

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