Chemical castration: the suppression of genius and conscience


At this time, a dear friend of mine is starting a therapy with the category of the most infamous and dangerous psycho-drugs: antipsychotic!

I would like to point out that it is my definitive belief that mental illness, as explained into any psychiatric manual, does not exist! It does not exist because the whole psychiatry is a con because it bases its diagnosis and its assumptions on a way of seeing reality and the same medicine science (as linked to a physical reality) that has nothing to do with the real “man factor”: that It is a psychological and spiritual factor, certainly not  a physiological one that causes many illness. But on this we will come back later.

Psychiatry is a dick because they involve psychiatric symptoms of drugs that overwhelm the consistency of being: the psychodrugs are provided so that they have the sole purpose of undoing an individual’s consciousness and feeling.

Why is the category of antipsychotic drugs the most dangerous?

Because it nullifies the consciousness of being. It deletes all the bio-emotional apparatus. Cancel the hearing. Calm the souls, the boiling, the feeling, the torments: calm the evils of existence. The individual who is taking antipsychotic drugs ceases to exist as an individual as a whole, full of his natural abilities as an individual, of his artistic and natural abilities, and soon becomes a vegetable, he/she falls asleep without even realizing it in a sleep of consciousness which sees in the intellect and in the synapses the necessary links from consciousness to spirit.

What exactly happens?

With an antipsychotic, consciousness falls into sleep. She is asleep, no more alive, on the alert. The animal is detached from its being. It is annihilated. The synapses stiffen and do not communicate more quickly. Everything is slow, the signals are polluted by a tide of biochemical signals of interference transmitted because of the interactions of this category of drugs with the biological machine that we call a man.

Do not take psychiatric drugs, do not take antipsychotics in particular, do not allow anyone to annihilate and destroy yourself and your children.

Psychiatrists, accomplices of a rogue Governement that makes these abominable molecules legal for all mankind, administered by equally abominable and blind individuals who see under their own eyes thousands of patients as annihilating their consciences, are the most insensitive category of doctors that I has ever known in my whole life. Fortunately I have never been subjected to antipsychotic therapy, but I have been “just” under an antidepressant and a mood stabilizer that have burned away ten years of my life existence! Don’t try any psychodrugs, just trust me! It is my full, direct, extremely lond and hard so burning life experience. It’s my story, my ache that speaks to you!

Now, on the one hand, there is only the desire to restore truth about this matter unknown to the masses of individuals who prostitute themselves to this mercimony of human consciousness that accepts deprivation of sensitivity even without feeling the natural pain of living by humans. There is time for everything, and especially the time of pain. And we must accept it without resorting to the help of people who are worsening the situation as they should help us to settle and overcome it. Who ever knows someone who has overcome a long-term psychotic phase on antipsychotic drugs? Do you know that wreck you become if you take this kind of substance?

At this moment my friend is being treated in an Italian hospital. The best solution that this category of stray physicians has been able to find was to propose antipsychotic therapy without even informing of the severity of the consequences of this therapy. Psychiatrists, you destroy, human value and potentials with your so disturbing professional scientific proven and legal “advices”. As usual doctors do, psychiatrists are the last major sellers of this shit called psycho-drugs that our corrupted lobby-controlled governements allows in tryng to washing their hands in cases, situations, discomforts that deserve a wider diagnostic intervention that involves a real mutual cooperation of more medical specialties including doctors with a real Ph.D. In Nutrition and open minded Endocrinologists.

No one in psychiatry is ever faced with the problem of submitting into multi-disciplinary check-up patients whose symptoms are always of interests of several medical specializations. Again, depression is not a psychiatric problem but it is just a psychiatric symptom (a psycho manifestation of a whole body illness that does not imply nesessarily that you are MAD, man!). The same is true about anxiety, panic attacks, psychoses, manic depression and other manifestations of central nervous system alterations.

The solution in all these cases is never psycho-drug, but nutritional intervention, whole food integration, supplements, psychotherapy and re-education. Helping our mind to recover and  think the way it should supposed to think and behav.. and instruct and nourish it properly!

Do not suffocate the symptoms and the personality through psycho-drugs, and still worse, with the most infamous category of everyone – the antipsychotics drugs!

What can happen to my friend and to all those who are under anti-psychotics?

They will fall asleep in their consciousness of being human. They will stop to be a real human being will all the emotional up and down that rapresents the coulors of our whole life existence on this earth.

They will no longer be able to create, think with their head, finish a meaningful phrase. A project, a design, fantasy, imaginative art will only be a distant memory of abilities in the vortex of a being what is no longer, that is now lost in the sea of chemistry of modern psychiatry. They will not connect the dots of reality and nothing can become as a real meaning and scope of our life existence. Whitouth real emotions, not the one chemically controlled by a deaf diabolic legal drug dealer. They will not feed the higher states of being. Time seems to flow and yet not to pass: it will burn slowly while another victim burns his best years without even realizing it.

Help us to say no to antipsychotics and to all the category of psycho-medications.

Spread this message.

PS: This post and many others would not have been possible under the influence of the Efexor and Lamictal molecules that have accompanied me for nearly ten years of my life. Someone will say, “You would do well to take them now!” I reply: “Maybe.. but I never wish  your son to take it and become as stupid as you are!”

But there is a solution to all this mess:

  • put them all (the psycho-intruders) on psychodrugs and let us see if they improve or not;
  • how hard can be to discover that the damage in any case is worst of the worst nightmare an illed person can have:
    • what can happen normally to a mentally unstable person not in a serious stage of the illness? Normally nothing at all.. but they will use drugs as prevention.. to prevent their money loss not for prevention of an illness. In fact the relapses /fall out also occur despite the use of psychodrugs;
  • so put them all on psychodrugs: all doctors, nurses, patient assistants and all health professionals (the one, first and foremost, that look at you in a judging “poor guy” pitiful way): let us see what will happen to them if they will improve in coping with a stressful environment for example;
  • First, try your remedies on yourself and let us show how does it fell and how does it look like to be under psychodrugs;
  • Look for yourself the reasons why it is so disturbing what you do to our fellow people;
  • stay away from our childer, doctors, please!
  • your incapability in coping with mentall illnes has caused so much deathness and loosing of spontaneity and creativity in our future generations of laborers, parents and fellow citizens.
    And you, dear Governements, what are you doing to avoid the loosing of normality and the becoming of abnormality the new normality for our children/your citizens? You, Nation, what are you doing in understanding the roots of the problems that are generating so much disturbing illness in our fellow citizens? Why someone has to be criticezed, judged and condemned for a lifetime psycho-treatment because of the inexpertise, the corruption and the bad faith of the whole category of the “family doctors”. No other explenation can be done: please understand that you cannot be judged as a right man or a right woman if you prescribe so much shit into the mouths of your fellow citizen. Abnormality is the new normality because of the drug corrupted medical services all around the world. But this has to be stopped some day in some way. The new movement for a morality in the health industry has been started. Your time has arrived, dear doctors that prescribe stimulants and anti-psychotics to children that does not perform the way teachers are supposed to tell us to do. What is the normal way to come out from our mums, ah? The way a drug can tell us or a good teacher and nutrition expert can do for us? What is wrong in the old manner in growing children?

So put them all on psychodrugs and let us them show their ability to recover from their stupidity.. this is the only real mental illeness!

Dear Doctors, as always, our never-ending applause for your unmerciful behavour that is cousing so much death. This under the scheme of the reversed people world of the things. Not under the rightful thinking planet of love and understandind..



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