Qua si fa la Storia della Canzone Italiana


Prima puntata: Radio Risorgimento Le dinamiche della realtà in cui viviamo

15.01.2018 Prima puntata: Radio Risorgimento Le dinamiche della realtà in cui viviamo

The Awakening in Pills (Wisdom Made by the Music Lords!)

The Awakening in Pills (Wisdom Made by the Music Lords!)

Das Erwachen in Pillen (Weisheit von den Musiklords gemacht!)

Il Risveglio in Pillole (Saggezza fatta dai Signori della Musica!)

L’éveil en pilules (Sagesse faite par les seigneurs de la musique!)

El despertar en píldoras (¡sabiduría hecha por los señores de la música!)

O Despertar em Pílulas (Sabedoria feita pelos Senhores da Música!)

HD Amore, la mia canzone non è nuova 2 16.12.2017


contenuti in corso di coscienza.
Esperimento di coscienza di specie.
Si ringraziano i “contributors”
Tutti i diritti riservati eccetto quello sulle opere di terze parti.

Amore, la mia canzone non è nuova! 2 16.12.2017

contenuti in corso di coscienza.
Esperimento di coscienza di specie.
Si ringraziano i “contributors”
Tutti i diritti riservati eccetto quello sulle opere di terze parti.

Notte avversa, mezza estate in mezzo alla tempesta! 02122017


Prove tecniche di trasmissione

Monaco di Baviera, 02 dicembre 2017
Voce a cappella senza basi.
Prove tecniche di trasmissione.
Suonata improvvisata con enormi problemi tecnici.
Full Awareness Muenchen
L’arte non ha eguali, può essere imitata, va pagata dallo Stato! Che siamo noi! Via la musica dalle compagnie private! Dichiarazioni di principio di Full Awareness Muenchen.

The life inside


Draft: we are working on it! (text from this youtube video )

The life inside

the original title is La Veta dead

the live inside

this is a Corson thinking

this is full of warrants munition


we are trying to make the foundations

of our theory about human mind

cheerful awareness will talk mainly

about the Yuma mind it is a mind they

can build the future by which you can

forecast a major and built effectively

on earth

whatever you decide whatever you heart

is talking about thanks to the Titian of

Napoleon Hill we are able to systematize

our concept in a full theory this is

being developed by Andrew Carnegie fest

and then by the studies of a great guys

Nepal Hill that has written the law of


the main league goal of full awareness

is to teach people how to create a new

thought the world teach you how to learn

from the inside

out that is a question no the word teach

you the world teach you how to learn

from the outside so there is a word to

teach you how to live your life from the

inside out there is the world to teach

you how to live the life from the

outside in

sorry for the interruption in full

awareness we teach people how to live

life from the inside out what happens

during the process of education that the

world the world freely up to a point

many countries give you free is like a

lie you will pay with taxes and

financially interest more that you have

got from the education and the services

that the collectivity gave to you


near the stadium banks give it to you

the educational system is wrong you

cannot learn properly the way they teach

they teach you to do because in the mean

time after years and years of teaching

you are dead inside and are not able to

create so as a matter of fact there are

discoveries in the world yes the

discovery but I think that many people

the majority are just in the process of

execution of the idea were the people

that are better connected to their level

of reality why the world and they don’t

teach you how to connect to the highest

level of reality because maybe there is

freedom and they don’t want you to be

free full awareness is based on freedom

freedom of speech freedom of living the

way warmed with 100% responsibility and

for sure you have to pay the interest

that you represent and the services that

you use on this reality

we believe the people must be free but

have to contribute to a better world we

know that we have entered a reality of

red-billed so it is true that we have to

teach people how to contribute to repay

the efforts of our Father but there is a


everyone this is born about he is not

born with zero in the account

my god you have to understand this each

people of ours

come in the world with a great rotation

made by the great part money made by the

work of people that preceded divided in

equal parts and you will see that after

millennia work each people has a huge

amount of work on his behalf and work

his money when the world there are

people that are able to substract to

delete this amount of the duties or the

poor children the counselors they’re

able to make them poor and they become

rich rich we full awareness we’re up a

political idea that we will implement

with separate organization in the future

so that each one we will have for real

rights to spend free money

at the condition that today we’re


registered into an organization

and work for the good of the

collectivity no one

need to be poor has to be poor

all the concept reversed when you leave

the world from the inside out everything

that you believed till yesterday is

wrong and these are probably at the

opposite side of the real thing

and they are great teach you there was

world that you are catch taught in their


why in the world people don’t use mind

why now you are not using the mind humor

just the brain are you using do you know

that just the brain what is the

difference between brain and mind brain

and my brain and my brain and mind trust

the mind we will speak without thinking

by yourself because you’re using higher

level of consciousness we teach people

to do that we will use our body to make

him work under the name of the greatest

consciousness that is working so as soon

as the consciousness is pure

the cautiousness

link is a being bear the rule here so

far to work

of asking the right questions the Weaver

was for wellness

have made to ourselves they were made a

reality a reality husk

give you all those ulcers you are the

reality owns that you are asking

leaving the world from an inside-out

people go to school alone by the world

using the means that will give to you

education system how to think the

reverse side the reversed way what is

thinking the worst way is taking a book

believe that we don’t know nothing that

we are totally ignorant but we are just

not aware nothing more it is totally


start to learn in a book made by people

that probably have no idea of what they

are talking about because probably if

you reading if you’re reading a book

about psychology you’re reading a book

about our professor psychology the

probable under way that is wrong

psychology cannot be learned the way

they want you to learn on the books

because psychologists neener side

subject so you learn psychology you have

to go to a priest you have to go to a

spiritual master

not a professor

the mind cannot be cannot be explained

as an organ as the manifestation of a

brain the mind is not brain it is not a

brain degenerative mind but is

vice-versa minded this generator is

imagined brain as the physical most

tense aspect of the great process of

thinking that is the highest pure level

the the mechanism under which by which

we create reality thinking is the most

important activity of the human mind it

is executed just executed

by a less important level think it is

made by the brain it’s not proper saying

it’s just processing information already


on the inside

we have to split our point of view in

full awareness we have to teach people

how to split to their point of view

separating themselves from their reality

separated their point of view from

themselves separated their entity to see

the in command of the body from

themselves try to detach


Dean our soul

is the mechanism by which we can birth


of love in this world

they want you they the main guitar under

hypnosis over the worst dream we can

think about

we don’t entry to detail so whatever

fall down is not our matter is not tower

of our interest whatever they dreamed

about is not of our interest whatever

down to do my to their mind to the

territory they had power on it’s not our

interest we want to work on ourself know

what our heart on the territory of our

mind it is given but to us by the

greatest God it is the greatest mind we

will awareness will teach people how to

develop great thing great idea

by the use of the imagination thank to

the system when Apple Hill High was able

to change it as for myself everybody

knows me that knows me can testimony my

change from the inside out without

without the help of nobody except the

theories and my thinking that I used to

build a new fortress based on thinking

and beliefs because everything is build

from the inside out everything is built

from the inside out

I learned from a great guy in Italy

name itself a correlative

in the final part of my education and


I took the tradition that he had learned

from his mas

you can believe that you are under the


and a fragment of the outside world

a puppet

under the domain you have the outside


you can believe it that

and whatever you believe your lies it’s

true I agree with you yeah you’re true

we can be hunger the citizens of the

world react we reacted as puppets to the


mainly automatic notice our we can do

that if we believe that is true or we

can reverse and think that it is true it

is true it is more true that the first

option that we are hundreds of among the

chief in command of our yard because we

have a Kindle we are king I am again

hyper territory my father gave me my

father the one my origin gave me a


I think him forgive me the idea T was

implemented the realtor he named bind

the greatest mind give me a turn we’re

talking you about the mind the most

second stuff be silent don’t touch

that’s the most fuckin thing


forever young

just poor child

to mind


receive a lot of

violence in this world at the point that

if not you your children our children

your children will go to a psychiatrist

psychiatrists was a column just to try

to find an excuse not to work

the mind they use the boys clear the

mind forever mind from a Genesis to


to Revelation Eclipse

as both whatever you can

think about is around you

we are the son of gods we all our son no

gods and we are truly the Son of man


– son

and we

walk through this reality

Trudy’s in fell through this cell

I was there

there aren’t many

we don’t

no in the direction conducting

by the mayor creation of a tree

we don’t know where we are calling

be experiences so many reality so many

different aspect

or possibility so many point of view

we see the freedom implement the

creative spirit of people thinking

the main on earth has the power to think

positive or to thing


the worse thing you can imagine and for

some reason for energetic close tapas

that this level of reality the lowest

one possible as far as I know because I

I cannot risk to imagine under level

probably there are under level whatever

we can imagine exist but this one is a

solid to stop that we accept as the

lowest one this level of realities are

real Inferno the one that doesn’t end

Divine Comedy was talking about in the

past there was the need to talk by

symbols and cryptic cryptic message now

there is rain to talk from the towers

and see to anyone booties per our point

of view just been our point of view that

is pure the view that we believe

as I far we have awareness fool


and you were to ask to have your heart

every day if you accepted this teaching

is your new reality can implement your

life so that you too can live your life

from the inside out

stop being believing that the world can

manage you you know you can determine

your happiness but certain to be the

pratima the men that do reality create

reality create opportunity creates them

just imagine eight paralyzed with each

people by the use of the teaching of

NAPLAN here and the general ideas

developed years of the

by the great people that dice

Thank You Randy gage thank you Bob


there are spirit will be

everyone is under the same law

the human alone the law made the human

is Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is eternal

because II said to the world

whatever he has done we can do whatever

he has done we must do this is a game we

follow his path

they call it through the via coaches if

he’ll done we were from the higher falda

one time two time three times many times

we have to we need to follow the path of

the grey

we some made by the courageous law

we submit ourselves to the greatest

unloose me


we will forecast the best future being

image and then we will implement

fresh the mainland not freedom to create

what they were they can give the name to

whatever has been already built so that

can create

whatever they can image they can speak


because he’s the one

is the world a creative world

we stopped to one to become queen just

as you

the life from inside out this is a

course in thinking to refrain with the

best reframed technology you’re

believing sister


great odors that are working on the mind

from the mind can ruin you because they

are not able to understand the different

point of view at the moment but they are

already famous they are making sometimes

some mistake


is the difference

between full awareness and all the

others we call them the imposters

many a good guy don’t misunderstand but

we’ll call them posters because they

teach stuff they don’t fully understand

the world has been created from thee

from outside world from outside reality

from the inside the most inside part of

reality’s not mind we are talking from

there before not before by created


to do that we have splitted our

consciousness so that we are here or

we’re talking from we don’t know but by

the means of this fiction that is a mind

fiction mind fantasy we can maintain a

fixed point of view that is external to

ourselves that we can observe what you

are doing in full awareness we teach

people to develop three point of view

that are great not to lose individuality

in this world I want you to be dead

without knowledge

who asked you to sign up for awareness

so that is the teaching can be shared

all over the world it’s one of the

European months you will get four lesson

one per week per month to develop your

consciousness we take I think two years

which one to understand completely the

basics of this philosophy and then

probably you will make you will be able

to make the ship a transform yourself

from death to life because we believe

that we can make people resurrect we can

we are not able to work on the flesh we

can not make the great

at the moment

always possible we cannot do me

the flesh that is that





the deep without leaving

our dead

what would you do

the opportunity to live again

the most

if you had to put too much it to leave

we thanks to the use of the greatest a

core technology within your linguistic


and other great gris-gris technique that


discover myself

what did she want to go with her mind

to the best

that’s too bad

the place

and you’ll need

all awareness is a a metaphysical

for this reason we are talking about the

no matter

the work on the matter from the outside

from outside world from the inside

reality we talk about

walk to the office

to you

not twice averse

you can be

under the circumstances

or proactive and current

the opportunities just a mind free

set your mind to a new channel

I start to use the porters

over the greatest font of information it

is not to Google it is not an

encyclopedia it is not a professor from

Harvard it’s not the greatest historians

that have written history honored

the complicity of the state

someone want people to believe certain

you what the people start to think with

their mind yes you have to learn a

little on mass eh

fellows to open some book and know about

where is it

Germany or Australia you have to learn a

little drama just wear awareness of the

problem because the mind the the mind

the little mind that you are domain at

all is born

separated from the outside as a per

channel rule because everyone has to

increase that to me it’s a

like an access to iose travel of

awareness you start from the lowest one

you increase it is like an evolution

process that each one has to follow

awareness increases the same ways an

Umbreon inside the model increases the

forward roll the revolution steps


the same

it’s a DNA i publicist not sure what

every creator knows



you know


we have to

discover the research

it’s what a worthless

volunteer is working inside

without the reclamation of restitution

that under this reality work so well I’m

missing type again

so unless everything that dozen with

wire tiny trubbish

Marcus from the highly-charged

world because we’re what T heart speak

you ask


all synthetic

the bomb

which one

to death


the live

we were awareness of the low developing

a project

to educate particularly young people to


your mind

new brain cells to recognize more aspect

of is reality because the important

stuff to know first is that we have so

little domain under the circumstances of

this world because we can process so

little information and we are not aware

of a lot of mechanism that followed

through us without our understanding we

don’t know we start to understand first

that we know

that we don’t know

now probably you are

in a step

prior to this one it is that you don’t

know that you don’t know probably you

believe that you know you’re sure about

yourself because you’ll graduate you

have a certificate that says that you

have as physical badge PhD you have a

diploma you are a great guy because you

have so many certificate from

outstanding universe that you have

painted with your life you have made


to be recognized by the reality that

does one for real that you know how to


there are no real bastion they teach

what nature



King have said but it don’t teach about

the inspiration

that are they arrived and you

that were dead till that time start to

discover you have immense power

because you are on the domain you have a

great mind that you know where you can

reach any time

without any limits

under of course the respective certain


we for awareness will teach people how

to open their hearts


to become more

to make them life turn around

to take the eternal life start to do

what a f3 move

and they didn’t have the courage to do

because of that

the hours they vote

signing a contract with that bag

and it’s late


the skewing

no care of that show


to produce produce and consume

to follow the path and someone didn’t

hire that is not so eaten

dizzi they’re not only sure even around

you’re not able to thing

to watch you


on the emotional level we work on the

emotional on

not to 101 we cannot do that

but one too many 1 2 Millions

I was thinking

is philosophical theological

can be classified

as a religious thing yes we have a place

system and we shot

but we are involved like the Legion

we don’t

a specific top three

because we ask their heart to speak for

themselves and we trust their heart

because the heart knows

because all that will declare awareness


our point of view

public institutions it is an odd time


– low-power – no it is not a private law

institution kind of being

classified as such is a public incentive

public education institution will try to

have the recognition of the public a

foundation we will

Joseph I also sort of tokenization tease

that one to develop

it’s mine


we put awareness Everhart

first then a police

implemented into


if arrives the right boss lady


yes are they just more why not

a jurisdictional organization why not –

right and good luck with propose them or


to the bottom so that they can approve

one under percent yes

we cannot say no that

that expert

just to say I say this stuff always it’s

not new but I repeat or YouTube for

to me hello

must be written by real

expert you know you have to know do name

exactly the name of the person that ever

eaten no you have to know all the

history of each law

the person their curricula

the law has to be built by the best

expert in a country and then nobody then

there is the need that jurist

abort made by expert approved logical

reason drugs you want to know and then

you bring this law to the sovereign

and his sovereign approve

the law is not a matter of the people

of lobbies

of Grupo rings as the law is to be pure

and that’s to be public this a principle

general right general law general the

general prince or I’d love these are the

general principle in the right world

where I can I come from a world it is

the right word

you will read it if you want there is a

book to speak about that

all right

it’s low

is a modified bus being read by expert

has been approved by

a congress or people that have a degree

and experience lo Justin lo Justin law

and the specific expect that they have

to do to implement so maybe there is a a

medical doctor if you have to the best

one you have five you have to regulate

their work

there is no television there is no

newspaper there is no journalist that

will broke their bones there is all


there are no

no ignorant people that charge them

there is no this masking work of the

information we paid them to do that

vision all day

how their wing the Trump little people

that are making the water of the world

do you know that huh

from CNN debt robo that speaks so so

good about shit about shit

about mind manipulation manipulation

the public opinion to address in a

specific –

panel crime under panel the ice panel


punishment can be dead what what you can

do to a person that money play to the

mind of people that touch so wrongly the

most sacred stuff what work you but what

you were you’ve been

kill probably

because they are making children so


hah jewels so lost

heart so

and yard is going

at worst because of the this type of

information it is deformation

great a successful for this world demons

that conduct

transmission channel

and we pay them to do that

we are imposed taxes

in Italy

turn around honey

whatever we paid them to ruin our

tranquility how my friend

to set in us there we are

we are paying them to ruin our life we

in for wellness work to inform people

about the potency


– wrong

words on our mind and we want to promote

punishment legal world who want to


legally punishment for people

that are executed that are involved in a

great profession sharing formation that

are ruining the mind of people because

they even all do that we they will lose

their house the great the vagina the

vagina of the great girl that is next to


we want to revolutionize the way


it’s process

full awareness is all that for awareness

is a great institution is under a

foundation now we are setting the basics

is that the most untouchable institution

and anything about because he takes her

takes care of the mind and people from

the mind of the human being it is a

philosophical religious institution

because the believer under the most

sacred belief system that I think about

because the stuff I learned on a book

editor talk about Jesus Christ talked

about how his daughter talked about the

room did the public law because all of

that we think that we were we are well

protected to continue

or endeavor as threatens I proceed to

the course for full awareness mission

sign up to

his channel you will see crazy stuff

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